Wireless PD Flow Meter

Wireless PD Flow Meter
  • Wireless PD Flow Meter
  • Wireless PD Flow Meter
  • Wireless PD Flow Meter

1. Positive Displacement Rotary Piston Flow Sensor

2. ATEX and IP65 weatherproof approved transmitter enclosure

3. Capacitive Touch Interface with No Keys

4. Single moving part ensures low pressure drop

5. Self-powered for a battery life of 5 years per battery

6. Built-in high capacity filter element

7. Completely eliminates power and data cables in installations resulting in substantial cost savings

8. Eliminates laying of overhead/underground cable conduits and reduces labor and material costs

9. Problems like deterioration, data loss due to breakage of data cables are eliminated

10. Flow sensor is self-powered. There is no risk of loss of data due to power outages

11. Eradicates any RF interference, data corruption in noisy environments

12. Range* is up to 100 meters in congested environment

13. Flow sensors are portable and can be moved to any site without re-cabling or data loss

14. Troubleshooting is easy and does not require skilled personnel


Liquid Preset Batching System

Liquid Preset Batching System

We are offering Series 6730: Preset Batching System to our client. These products are made of best quality.

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