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The most widely and extensively used commercial fuel world over is Diesel. Apart from its use in diesel engines used in Construction, Mining, Diesel Power Generators and Transportation Industry it is also widely used as a preferred fuel for Boilers, Furnaces, Dryers, and Fryers etc.

In India and most part of the word, diesel is supplied to bulk users throw road tankers with capacity ranging from 5000 to 25000 liter. Diesel supplied in tankers is generally unloaded in underground or ground mounted bulk storage tanks. The most common method of confirming the unloaded quantity to the buyer is the simple Dip Stick which is extremely prone to pilferage and malpractices.

Bulk unloaded diesel is normally issued to in-house users, such as diesel powered generators, boilers, furnaces, dryer, fryer or mobile users such as transportation vehicles, construction and mining machines, on site Locos etc. In most of these user applications, the best possible measurement of consumed diesel is built in a storage tank with Dipstick which neither gives accurate measurement nor helps to prevent rampant pilferage.

Under the conditions mentioned above, there is no accurate and tamper-proof method to determine accurate receipts or issues of the diesel procured. This makes auditing the procurement and use of crores worth of diesel just impossible. This condition, therefore, creates a major dilemma for the Materials Manager who is not able to accurately account for such a high-cost bulk purchase input to his Industry.

Fluidyne offers a complete solution for the need of accurately measuring the diesel receipt in the main bulk Storage Tanks along with transferred diesel and actually used quantities by each user application. All measurement data is logged and displayed in a common PLC panel and transmitted to user BMS /SCADA./DCS or ERP as required by individual customer needs.

Diesel receipts are accurately measured by Tanker Unloading System a unique product introduced by Fluidyne for accurate measurement of diesel unloaded from the tanker into underground or ground mounted bulk storage tanks. The system has a unique feature to handle air during unloading while still maintaining the accuracy of the unloaded quantity within ± 0.25% of reading.

For accurately measuring the diesel transferred from the bulk storage tank and used by individual user departments Fluidyne offers the following unique measurement solutions -

Positive Displacement Flowmeters for measuring diesel transfer.

All the data logged by the receipt and issue measurement devices is transferred to specially designed PLC / HMI panels manufactured by Fluidyne. The logged data is calibrated and displayed on the HMI panel for the users to get complete clarity of diesel received, issued and the stock in the bulk storage and user storage tanks.

Using the PLC logic power the PLC / HMI panel also provides control functions such as automatic maintenance of user tank levels by controlling Transfer Pumps and Line Control Valve and provide alarms for highlighting abnormal activity.

The data logged in the PLC / HMI module is transmitted to BMS or SCADA or ERP in customers server using industry standard communication protocols such as RS 232C or RS 485 MODBUS. The data from the PLC / HMI module can also be ported directly into customer databases such as Microsoft SQL or SAP or Oracle.

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